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Term used to define one's virginity. All virgins have a V-Card until they cash it in for sex What is a vCard? A vCard contains contact information, such as title, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can use vCards to add someone to your contacts list, or to make it easier for people to add you to their contacts list. You can also use vCards to import or export multiple contacts in one file. Who are my Recent Contacts

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  1. Eine vCard ist eine elektronische Visitenkarte, die ein Benutzer mit einem Mausklick direkt in das Adressbuch seines E-Mail-Programms oder Personal Information Manager übernehmen kann. vCards können in HTML-Seiten eingebettet, als Dateianhänge zu einer E-Mail verschickt werden oder als QR-Code vorliegen
  2. vCard, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File), is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards can be attached to e-mail messages, sent via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), on the World Wide Web, instant messaging or through QR code
  3. What is vCard. What is vCard? vCard is a virtual business card that you can exchange with others electronically — just as you would exchange a paper business card. You can send contact information to someone else in vCard format, as long as the recipient uses an E-mail program that supports vCards. The feature of vCard
  4. A vCard is a kind of electronic business card. Basically, it is a simple text file which contains certain fields inside. A vCard has a .VCF extension and is supported by Microsoft Outlook (98-2019), Mozilla Thunderbird as well as most mobile clients. Which makes it a surprisingly well supported format for storing contact info
  5. A vCard enables you to send contact information in a format that can be easily read in other e-mail programs. A vCard is saved as a .vcf file, which is the Internet standard for sharing contact information. When you send a vCard, its .vcf file is sent with the message as an attachment
  6. What is a VCARD file? The .vcard or more appropriately, the .vcf file extension is mostly linked to many personal management and e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook. The .vcf or the vCard file format is a standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business that typically includes a name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other contact information. Sometimes, it also supports custom fields, images, and other types of media. VCARD files is an electronic.
  7. VCF is an acronym for Virtual Contact File. VCF files, also commonly referred to as vCards, are the standard file format used to store contact information for individuals and businesses in a digital file format. A VCF file normally includes the contact name, address, email address, phone number, and other contact information for the person creating.

  1. Mit der V-CARD können Sie über 80 Ausflugsziele in ganz Vorarlberg einmal kostenlos benützen. Bergbahnen, Schwimmbäder, Museen und vieles mehr. 2 für 1 Aktion für Familienpassinhaber
  2. Jedes Mail-Programm kann vCards öffnen und erstellen. Fügen Sie einfach die vCard eines neuen Kontakts hinzu und speichern Sie diesen an dem gewünschten Ort ab. vCards lassen sich problemlos per Mail oder über Online-Speicher verteilen. Im nächsten Absatz stellen wir Ihnen einige Möglichkeiten außerhalb der Mail-Programme vor
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  4. VCARD means Virtual Business Card or Virgin Card. VCARD (Virtual Business Card) is a file format standard for electronic business cards. Like traditional business cards, VCARDs can contain name and address information, phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, logos or photographs
  5. imize your signature because your contact.
  6. A vCard contains contact information, such as title, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can use vCards to add someone to your contacts list, or to make it easier for people to add you to their contacts list. You can also use vCards to import or export multiple contacts in one file

The virtual business cards i.e. VCF cards are distinctive computer files that have the .vcf suffix and are stored within your computer's email or contact collection program. VCF data cards can be easily developed by using your present contact details. If you still don't have Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Remember to like, subscribe and share. I wonder if apple is going to release a version with an option to put icons and subti.. vCard and icalendar. These share a basic line syntax style. vCard came first, RFC2426 issued concurrently with the generic syntax RFC2425. Later came iCaledar, RFC2445, building on but not using all the types of vcard and using some new ones. Therefore an iCal parser will not necessarily parse a vCard. Only in vCard. Groups (in base) Only in. The bottom line is vCards are an easy way to exchange contact information with other programs or other people. They may not include all the data you want, but they cover the major attributes. They may not include all the data you want, but they cover the major attributes

A vCard QR Code is added on print and digital advertisements that allow users to scan and save contact details directly on their smartphones. You don't need technical expertise to create digital vCard codes on an online QR Code Generator. Each day, 27 million business cards are printed. That's an amazing count A vCard, or a virtual contact file is a standard file format for digital contact cards that can be saved as a .vcfor a .vcard file. Like a regular contact card, a vCard can store any information such as, name, phone number, email address, work address, fax number and etc What is V-Card file Format or .vcf Extension? The vCard file format is a Virtual Business Card digest (.vcf) used to store personal as well as business contacts. It is a proprietary file format for electronic business cards i.e, .vcf & .vcard.It can be attached to multiple email messages, but it might be exchanged in another way including World Wide Web or instant messaging A vCard, or virtual card, is a type of file that functions as an electronic business card.They contain identifying information about a person, such as name, birthday, company, and job title, as well as contact information like phone number, email address, business URL, mailing address, and social media profiles. vCards may also contain media like photos, audio clips, and videos

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I managed to create a vCard using LumiSoft and then get the string value of it LumiSoft.Net.Mime.vCard.vCard card = new vCard(); Stream stream = new MemoryStream(); card.ToStream(strea.. Introduction. Here I will discuss a .NET vCard API for creating and parsing vCards. Basically, a vCard is an electronic business card that can store such elements as Name, Phones, Photo, Emails, etc. This article assumes that you already have a little knowledge about vCard. If not, then for detailed information about vCard see RFC 2426

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  1. The exported vCard/ VCF file can be accessed later in various email clients and other devices such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo!, Office 365, Android, iOS, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Despite all this, the software comprises a simple and easy-to-use interface due to which all technical and non-technical users can use it without any technical expertise to convert .txt to vCard format
  2. vCard est un format standard ouvert d'échange de données personnelles (Visit Card soit Carte de visite).. La version 4.0 de 2011 de vCard est définie par les RFC 6350 et 6868.La version précédente est le vCard 3.0 de 1998. Les différences entre ces formats sont exposées en Annexe de la RFC [3].. L'un ou l'autre de ces formats sont utilisés par le logiciel Carnet d'adresses d'Apple ou.
  3. Share Outlook contacts as vCards (virtual business cards) so recipients can import them directly into their contact lists in Gmail, Apple Mail, and many other mail programs. When you select contacts to share, Outlook attaches them to a new message for you—all you need to do is click the Send button. Tip: If you're in the middle of writing an email message, you don't need to leave it and go.
  4. The solutions below (particularly the use of the library) should be considered, but I'd like to add that you're better off with your href link being 'data:text/vcard;base64,' . base64_encode(raf_create_vcard()), because the browser will interpret plain text line endings depending on the host OS and that will generate off-spec vCards, which will not be done with base64 encoded strings

vCard QR Code stores basic information such as your full name, contact info, job title, work or home address, and your website URL. If you'd like to display more info, our vCard Plus QR Code offers plenty of additional fields such as social media links and Google Maps direction. And unlike the vCard QR Code, the information in the. Mit der Social-vCard Glow bist du garantiert ein Hingucker. In zwei Größen erhältlich. Dark Flowers. Geheimnisvoll aber doch ein Hingucker mit der Social v-Card Dark Flowers. Auf vCards klicken! Jetzt kaufen bei. NFC-Tag-Shop VCF, or Variant Call Format, It is a standardized text file format used for representing SNP, indel, and structural variation calls. The VCF specification used to be maintained by the 1000 Genomes Project, but its management and further development has been taken over by the Genomic Data Toolkit team of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. The full format spec can be found in the. vCard (also VCF) is a standardized method of storing and transferring contact data. vCard is superior to CSV in that it can store textual and numeric data, but also contact photos, and audio clips (i.e. assigned ringtones). vCard files are also widely supported by e-mail clients and services. As a result, there is no data loss during the transfer of contacts via using the vCard format. Many.

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  1. Vaginal contraceptive film (VCF) is a super-thin, hormone-free film that is inserted into the vagina where it dissolves and delivers nonoxynol-9, a chemical that kills sperm ( spermicide ). You can buy VCF films without a prescription. They are intended to be used every time you have intercourse. You may already be aware of nonoxynol-9, as it.
  2. If you know a solution is based on VCF, you also know that it will cover all compute, storage, and networking needs that you may have. What is VMC? VMC is an unofficial designation for VMware Cloud on some platform, the first example of which was VMware Cloud on AWS. The second example of this was announced at Dell Technologies World and is called VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. Note to the wise: T
  3. vCard - Revolutionizing your Business Card. A vCard is in essence, an electronic business card. vCards are a fast, easy way to transfer your relevant contact details to another person, using a standardized format that is recognized by all relevant medias today: computers, smartphones and tablets

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  1. Vcf Generator is the next free vCard creator software for Windows in this list. It is also a portable vCard creator which can be used without installation. You can create VCF file in two simple steps: Add contact details like Name, Surname, Phone Numbers, Gsm, Fax, Email, Website, Birthday, etc.; Now, hit the Save button
  2. VCard payments reduce fraudulent transactions and exposure over checks and standard credit card transactions. Is VPay a secure process? Yes. VPay is powered by an uncompromising infrastructure that provides extensive security and control over all data and processes. We annually conduct SSAE 16, PCI, NACHA and HIPAA audits, as well as numerous security audits by our clients and bank partners.
  3. Come convertire CSV in vCard di Salvatore Aranzulla. Hai esportato la lista dei tuoi contatti in formato CSV e, adesso, hai la necessità di importarli nella rubrica del tuo smartphone. Hai, però, constatato che la procedura d'importazione richiede file con estensione VCF, cioè vCard, di cui non sei in possesso.Ti è venuta, dunque, l'idea di trasformare il file CSV nel formato richiesto.
  4. Digitale Visitenkarte einfach erstellen und teilen ökologische und nachhaltige Alternative zu Papier-Visitenkarten Zentrale Mitarbeiterverwaltung für Unternehmen - hochwertige und smarte Metall Visitenkarte - NFC Sticker - NFC Visitenkart
  5. A vCard QR code digitally presents your contact details to your scanners' smartphone screen when they scan your QR code attached on your business card. After scanning the QR code, the user can choose to download your information right away on their mobile device making it more handy and valuable than the traditional business card. It does not only traditionally convey the contact information.
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What is a vCard? vCard stands for Virtual Business Card. It is a data format that packages up addressbook information, like a person's name, title, organization, mailing address and telephone numbers. It can be attached as a file to emails, or downloaded from a web page, or encoded into a QR code. It is an older standard than the QR code, but the two work very well together. How are they. A not so forgiving vCard / vcf parser. Contribute to jhermsmeier/node-vcf development by creating an account on GitHub Solution for What is a vCard. Physics. Social Scienc Voltage-Controlled Filter (VCF) by Scott Rise. The voltage-controlled filter is a major part of subtractive synthesis . There are many different ways to design a filter, and although they basically do the same thing, they all sound a little bit different. The filter is the part of the synthesizer that is most responsible for shaping the tones.

Convert VCF Online. vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e-mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as on the World Wide Web or instant messaging. They can contain name and address information, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs, and audio clips Solution for What is a vCard? Physics. Social Scienc The VCF Permanent Authorization Act extends the VCF's claim filing deadline from December 18, 2020, to October 1, 2090, and appropriates such funds as may be necessary to pay all eligible claims. Please see the VCF Permanent Authorization Act page for more details

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VCF Format Variant Calling Format is a tab-delimited text file that is used to describe single nucleotide variants (SNVs) as well as insertions, deletions, and other sequence variations. This is a bit limiting as it is only tailored to show variations and not genetic features (that'll be covered on the next page) The VCF specification is now maintained by GA4GH. Details of the current version can be found with the HTS specifications. Please see VCF_4.0_sv for the conventions and extensions adopted by the 1000 Genomes Project for encoding structural variations in VCF 4.0 format. 0. Example. VCF is a text file format (most likely stored in a compressed manner). It contains meta-information lines, a.

Create a QR code. Just enter your text, your URL, a SMS or vCard contact information. The QR code will be generated automatically as you type. Just click on the Download button to get the created QR code image then (the image is available as EPS or SVG vector graphic, as well as high-resolution PNG, GIF or JPEG raster graphics format) The VCF is the end product of analysis from BAMs, which in turn are created from the FASTQs which are the raw data from the sequencers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here... Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (Address never made public) Name . Website. You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using. Intelligent online vCards with NFC-vCard.de. Our Mission With NFC-vCard and Social-vCard, we want to bring business cards into the digital age, enabling the storage of comprehensive data and contactless data exchange

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Importing vCard file to iCloud is a suitable option to sync your contacts among your idevices via vCard. This option is also useful when you want to import vCard file to iCloud, i.e. import contacts from non apple devices to your idevices Create your vCard QR codes in Bulk with the best vCard QR code generator . As technology advances its pace with work, a faster solution like a bulk QR code software can be a great tool to have. Because of this, businesses in the business card industry can fasten their QR code generations with a bulk QR code generator available online CSV in VCF Converter. Konvertieren Sie CSV-Dateien in VCF online unter Windows, Mac, Iphone oder Android. Datei wählen. Wählen Sie Dateien für die Konvertierung aus oder ziehen Sie sie per Drag & Drop in den Upload-Bereich. Ihre Dateien sind sicher geschützt und nur für Sie verfügbar


After returning from the holidays, one of the items at the top of my agenda was to become more familiarity with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). For those of you who are not familiar with VCF, it is basically the 'easy button' for deploying the full vSphere stack of products, including virtual storage (vSAN), virtual networking (NSX) as well as monitoring and logging products such as. A vCard enables you to send contact information in a format that can be easily read in other e-mail programs. vCard, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File), is a file format standard for electronic business cards. A VCF file is a standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business. VCards are electronic business cards that can be stored in your email. Almost all. Losing my v-card, religion and 18? So, I've been with my boyfriend for like, 7 months now. I'm a virgin and so is he. We both want to take it to the next level and go the whole From : GirlsAskGuys. 2.All Secret Rare cards from Pokémon TCG Eevee Heroes revealed. Closing in on release. The post All Secret Rare cards from Pokémon TCG Eevee. V-card - definition. Term used to define one's virginity.All virgins have a V-Card until they cash it in for sex.. Guy 1: Where did Jason go? Guy 2: He spent the night at some girl's place Guy 1: Did she cash him in

VCards can include images and sound as well as text.vCard is electronic business card that has name... Read more. Anonymous at ChaCha Mark as irrelevant Undo What is a vcard on the ATT quickfire text message? Answer: VCards are electronic business cards. They can contain name and address information, phone numbers,... Read more. Samuel F. at ChaCha Mark as irrelevant Undo Is it possible to add. The vCard uses simple designations to structure data such as name, address, phone number and to embed, transmit, and display such information in a manner that is meaningful and useful. The required fields for the vCard format are BEGIN:VCARD, VERSION:2.v, N:Last, First, FN:Full Name (as it would be viewed), END:VCARD. This tells the computer that this is a vCard file, which can now be copied. vCard mit Online-Tools erstellen. Auch im Netz gibt es Möglichkeiten, vCards zu erstellen und anschließend lokal zu speichern, um diese dann später dem eigenen Adressbuch hinzuzufügen oder mit. vCard Meaning: What is a vCard

vCard Meaning: What is a vCard? Mehr von English Study auf Facebook anzeige A line of credit is a flexible loan from credit provider or lender. Alike a credit card that offers you a fixed amount of funds—funds that you can use when, if, and how you require—a line of credit is a definite amount of money that you can access as desirable and then repay instantly or over a pre-stated time frame I think this app, Contacts VCF should do what you want. Shows the list of contacts inside a .vcf file. The application allows you to open files with the extension of import contacts .vcf (vCard) as a phone book to add and edit the contacts, make calls. It can be used as an alternative to contacts Android. Get a copy of all the contacts from the.

Excel nach VCF Konvertieren & Excel-Kontakte mit Excel zu VCF Konverter in das Vcard-Format importieren. Kostenlose XLSX-Datei in VCF Umwandeln -Dateiformat (vCard) mit 100% iger Genauigkeit A vCard contains Name, Address, Mobile Numbers, Email Addresses, URLs, Photos, Audio Clips and other information related to individuals. vCard/ VCF files are compatible with a variety of programs and can be opened on Windows and Mac platforms. For example, Microsoft Windows Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Androids, Apple Address Book, vCard Explorer, etc. A vCard looks. Assuming that you have already exported all your contacts to a vCard file, from the Contacts View interface, tap the More icon (icon with the three vertical dots) from the bottom-right corner. Note: The location of the More icon may vary depending upon the vendor and model of your smartphone. From the displayed options, tap Import contacts vCard Format Specification draft-ietf-vcarddav-vcardrev-02 Status of This Memo. By submitting this Internet-Draft, each author represents that any applicable patent or other IPR claims of which he or she is aware have been or will be disclosed, and any of which he or she becomes aware will be disclosed, in accordance with Section 6 of BCP 79

Die V-Card, Ihre Kundenkarte. Die V-Card ist die kostenlose Kundenkarte der Stadtwerke Viernheim GmbH.Die V-Card wird Ihnen als Energiekunde (Strom- oder Gasvertrag) einmal im Jahr zugeschickt.Ihr Vorteil: Wenn Sie die V-Card bei V-Card-Partnern vorzeigen, erhalten Sie damit attraktive Sonderkonditionen und Vergünstigungen.Zudem haben Sie die Möglichkeit, bei unseren monatlichen V-Card. Previously I've touched on how to import a VCF into your Windows Phone device and up until this time it hadn't occurred to me that the reverse was just as invaluable.. I presume the speculation of W10M heading to its deathbed sort of signalled this inevitable need in my subconscious, after all I should be gearing myself to get a new phone with this new development How to convert files. Select a file from your computer's local drive for the field vCard-File. Choose the desired output format. Click the convert button. The converted file is automatically downloaded to your computer. If you're not prompted where to save the file, you'll find it in the Downloads folder on your computer vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards can contain name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs, etc. They enable your recipient to quickly and reliably add your contact information to their personal address book. What do you put for cardholder name on a gift card? When registering the gift card, enter your first and.

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VCF. Abbreviation for Voltage Controlled Filter. The VCF is to filtering what the VCA is to amplifiers. Actually many filters are amplifiers where the gain of the amp is manipulated by other components such that certain frequencies are filtered out of the final output. And this is exactly what a VCF is. The user has control over the cutoff. Export a contact as a vCard on iCloud.com. You can export a virtual card called a vCard.vCards contain contact information for one or more contacts.. You can attach vCards to email messages, making it easy to share them with others What is a VCard? Thread starter Jeff_London; Start date Nov 3, 2010; Nov 3, 2010 #1 J. Jeff_London Participant. Joined Jan 22, 2010 Messages 73. There is only one thing in vBulletin that I do not understand, and that's the vCard Download that you can sometimes find in the user's profile. What does it do and what it is really for?. Choose Import to a VCARD file (.vcf) from the various options present and then click on Next. From the next screen, select the destination location where you want to save the imported VCF file. At last, click Next followed by Finish. After the complete procedure is done, the VCF files can be opened in MS Outlook. Part 2: Open VCF file on PC directly . This method allows a user to access VCF.

Select the VCF vCard import option; Browse to the path where the VCF file is stored, select it, and click the Open button to import VCF to iCloud; Now, Your VCF file will be easily migrated to iCloud. Limitations of the Manual Approach. The technique described above is quite helpful when you have to import VCF files to iCloud but it has several. I have generated a VCF file using the GATK software and multiple input samples. The VCF file shows some relevant information about the SNPs that were called; in particular it shows the overall SNP.

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vCard QR Codes are a simple way to pass your contact information along to others with a simple scan. They make networking a breeze because all your pertinent information can be downloaded to a person's phone in seconds. Try one out and see how many more contacts you get with it. Start creating QR Codes that actually work for you. It will take you only 5 minutes to get your first QR code. vCard (.vcf) is a widely-used file format for email contacts. If you'd like to import your contacts to a new mail app like Outlook, you may need to convert the . vcf file into a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file first. In this article, we'll show you how to convert a .vcf file to a .csv file on Windows.. In Windows File Explorer, navigate to your Contacts folder (for example, C:\Users. HOW VCF ® WORKS.... VCF ® - Vaginal Contraceptive Film ® is a soft square of soluble film that begins to dissolve with moisture after it is inserted. VCF works by manually inserting the film high into the vagina at least 15 minutes before intercourse. Once dissolved it creates a gel coating which contains a highly effective spermicide that kills sperm on contact for up to 3 hours

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I have a VCF file with unphased genotypes. I would like to analyze LD, which I understand is best done with phased genotypes, and hence phased haplotypes 20. RBL Bank Vcard is a unique product which enables you to make merchant payments and manage your Credit Card through Vcard Mobile App, It is a power packed product with following benefits: Vcard Mobile App to make merchant payments on the go Rewards packed Credit Card for all your spends So just Download the Vcard App and get started now vCard标准的2.1版被电子邮件客户端广泛支持。3.0版是一个包含在RFC 2425和RFC 2426中的IETF标准跟踪提案。vCard的常用副档名是.vcf。 XLS 就是 Microsoft Excel 工作表,是一种非常常用的电子表格格式。xls文件可以使用Microsoft Excel打开,另外微软为那些没有安装Excel的用户开发了专门的查看器Excel Viewer。使用. vCard is the abbreviation for Virtual Business Card and is the standard format (.vcf files) for electronic business cards. vCards allow you to create and share contact information over the internet, such as in email messages and instant messaging

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The vCard standard forms the basis of hCard. The basic format of hCard is to use vCard object/property names in lower-case for class names, and to map the nesting of vCard objects directly into nested HTML elements. Root Class Name. The root class name for an hCard is vcard. An element with a class name of vcard is itself called an hCard The V Card by Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente is a full-length, standalone, romance novel. Meet Graham Campbell, he´s the CEO of a fast growing company and enjoys his life to the fullest. CJ Murphy is a 25 year old woman , has her own successful company , has great friends, a big apartement, but something lacks

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To move vCard to Outlook, an Import function is available in Ms-Outlook, but it works for 1 VCF file at a time. In addition to that, this facility is not suitable for importing a complete folder. For instance, you have lots of contacts then, it will be a tedious task to import single VCF file one by one. Nevertheless, we will explain how to implement this procedure. For importing one VCF. customers running VCF 3.X may be able to redeploy VMware Cloud Foundation (non -production environments only) or perform adjacent workload migrations, in which your workload is moved between a 3x and 4x environment in a side-by-side fashion. This capability exists via our professional service organization. Q5. Does VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3. Select vCard Name for each csv header option. If you don't want a column then choose (ignore). If everything is correct then use Save button to download CSV file or Copy to Clipboard which you paste in your editor. What file formats does this CSV to vCard converter support VCF is the standard file format for storing variation data.It is used by large scale variant mapping projects such as IGSR.It is also the standard output of variant calling software such as GATK and the standard input for variant analysis tools such as the VEP or for variation archives like EVA. VCF is a preferred format because it is unambiguous, scalable and flexible, allowing extra.

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Browse VCF or vCard Files or Folder one time. Choose the Radio option for the merge vCard or VCF file, and Click on the Explore tab. Click the OK button in the program's user interface. Now, choose on the Export option to start the export process. Part II: Import VCF to iCloud. Log in to iCloud using your credentials and. The CTL/VCF is typically a number between 0 and 2, rounded to 5 decimal places, which when multiplied by the observed volume of a liquid, will return the corrected value to a standardized base temperature and density. As such, the CTL/VCF value is computed using the observed temperature and density of a liquid. Using the calculator below, enter the Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit ( °F.

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Diese vCard-Dateien können auch E-Mails, um die Empfänger mit einem schnellen und einfachen Weg, um die Kontaktdaten in der vCard-Dateien in ihrem Adressbuch und Kontaktliste gespeichert ist hinzuzufügen liefern befestigt werden. In Microsoft Windows Vista können Benutzer erstellen und aktualisieren ihre Kontaktliste in einer vCard-Datei mit Hilfe des Windows-Kontakte-Anwendung gespeichert. Your VCF Number: VCF (Input the 7 numbers after VCF) If you have VCF claim, please put your claim num ber here. Your Relationship with the Victim . 1. What is your relationship to the victim? The Victim's Presence in a 9/11 Area . 2. Between September 11, 2001, and May 30, 2002, where was the victim present? Select all that apply

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